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Archbishop Chaput on the Evidential Power of Beauty

A nice reflection on beauty by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia in his weekly column, he offers these lessons: First, the most powerful kind of witness doesn’t come from a classroom or pulpit. It doesn’t need an academic degree or … Continue reading

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Dostoevsky: Man Can Live Without Science

Dostoevsky, quoted by Pope Benedict XVI in his 2009 Meeting with Artists: “Man can live without science, he can live without bread, but without beauty he could no longer live, because there would no longer be anything to do to … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis: What we want is not more little books about Christianity

One of the best Christian Apologists, C.S. Lewis, of the 20th Century had this to say about Apologetics: I believe that any Christian who is qualified to write a good popular book on any science may do much more by … Continue reading

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Where love rejoices, there is festivity: Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Saint John Chrysostom said “Ubi caritas gaudet, ibi est festivas, Where love rejoices, there is festivity.” In the Catholic Church, “Fat Tuesday” or Mardi Gras is a festival that precedes the penitential season of Lent. Why celebrate before Lent? Because … Continue reading

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Fair As The Moon (Incredible Video)

“Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array?” (Song of Songs 6:10) (More details at APOD and Bad Astronomy on Slate.)

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Augustine: Our thoughts go wandering through eternity

Continuing Pieper’s theme (below) that “the whole world would not suffice” to satisfy man’s “thirst for happiness“, Psalm 73:25 asks, “Whom else have I in the heavens? None beside you delights me on earth.” Saint Augustine expounds on this theme: … Continue reading

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The World Is Not Enough

No, not the 1999 Bond film, but the 1958 quote from German Catholic Thomistic philosopher Josef Pieper, in his work Happiness and Contemplation (p. 38): “Man as he is constituted, endowed as he is for a thirst for happiness, cannot … Continue reading

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